Client Portal

The McLaws Law Group, LLC is a technologically advanced practice committed to providing exceptional legal services in an affordable manner.  The technology utilized by our firm provides attorneys and clients to ability to securely discuss matters online, download and upload documents for review and other business transactions in a secure digital environment, maintain an interactive calendar, use sticky notes as reminders on billing matters, deadlines, and other issues. We protect our client’s sensitive, confidential information through encryption using a 128 bit or greater Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) quality cipher algorithm. 

The system utilized by our firm equates to substantial savings to a client.  For example, in a traditional law firm, a client is billed when the firm sends a document to the client. Often, a client is also billed for postage. Our clients have access to information about their case without incurring some of the costs encountered with a “traditional” firm. 

We do offer traditional means of communication with a client through electronic mail, regular mail, and facsimiles.  However, our clients have the option of managing costs by utilizing the client portal.